About us


At June, we create beautiful, clean skin care and wellness products with full spectrum hemp oil.

Everything we make is designed for health, made sustainably and with respect.

Our hemp partner Garden Om Hemp Co.

Our hemp partner Garden Om Hemp Co.

June is


Working with growers using organic and sustainable practices and paying workers a living wage.

Screening every material for potential health and environmental effects.

Leading by example by setting a new clean standard for the burgeoning hemp/CBD market, and within clean beauty and wellness.




Sylvia Wehrle

Sylvia has been a maker and out-of-the-box thinker since she was a child in the 70s, hanging out at the health food store, learning about the power of plants and alternative remedies.  She received her Master’s in Interactive Design from New York University and has been a prominent member of the user experience design community in NYC since 1999. Sylvia is a gifted designer who values beauty, elegance, ease and iteration. Her interest in user experience design, chemistry, math and wellness have collided in a perfect storm that is June. Sylvia lives in Brooklyn with her husband, daughters and dogs.


Mia Davis

Mia is driven to create products and brands that solve (rather than create, exacerbate or ignore) pressing environmental and equity issues. She has led campaigns to get toxic and unsustainable chemicals out of consumer products since the early 2000s, starting with plastic chemicals and then moving on to skin care and beauty. Mia was the Head of Environment & Health at Beautycounter, where she created the industry-leading process for assessing chemicals for safety. She is also the Director of Mission at Credo Beauty, the largest clean beauty retailer with the clearest, strongest standard. She received her Master’s in International Development, Community and Environment from Clark University.  She lives in Boston with her husband, sons and cats.



Why “June?”


The ground is awake, plants are lush, the air is fresh, days are long, and generally, people are ready to have some summer fun.

The month captures who we are as a brand.

Betty June

Betty June


And there is the powerhouse influence of Betty June, grandmother to Sylvia. At 40 years old, Betty June became a grandmother and a college graduate, and then started her own consulting firm. She was the epitome of “entrepreneur.”

As Sylvia and Mia started their own purpose-driven business--while keeping their day jobs and running busy households--it only felt natural that the brand should draw from the strong, compassionate and loving women that we credit for who we are today.