June = clean ingredients and materials


Did you know that in the US it is legal for skincare companies to use chemicals known or suspected of being toxic? The products people use on their bodies every day often contain carcinogens, irritants and hormone disrupting chemicals. Many companies have responded to consumer demands for safer stuff with a “free of” list--chemicals they promise not to use. This is a good step, but only a partial fix.  At June we go much further: We assess every single material we consider using for its potential to cause harm to humans and the environment.


How ingredients are grown, made and processed really matters. June screens every single ingredient (and all other materials, like packaging) for safety, purity, and potential environmental impact.


Even “natural” and “plant-based” ingredients can be unsustainable (like slash-and-burn methods for palm oil, for example). And some synthetic chemicals are safe and quite sustainable. That’s why June does a deep dive into every ingredient environmental impact.


We tell you everything we can about every ingredient (not just “key ingredients). What it is, why we use it, where it came from. We promise we’ll tell you even as we grow and our products and supply chain become more complex. June is not transparent just when it’s easy to be.